Phantasma: An Illustrated Storybook

The World: Nature has taken over civilization, making mankind go back to a simpler way of living. Smaller tribes have settled in forests and mountains, while others made their homes in urban areas for shelter and protection. Meanwhile, supernatural forces grow stronger. Spirits that had long been forgotten wander the earth, leaving traces of lost memories wherever they haunt. Legend has it that these entities came from a time long forgotten. Once the web of lost memories became dense enough, the earth would turn back to its original state. Some people, called Collectors, are born with unusual abilities and are said to be closely connected to the spirit world.

As they have the power to see and absorb memories, it is their destiny to collect as many as possible and prevent the death of mankind. But what if the collector notices that the memories tell a different story...

Project Release: Phantasma will be published as an illustrated novel that includes prose writing and full-page coloured illustrations. I'm writing the story in German, my native language, which means that I'm going to hire a translater once it is finished. The project is still in its very early stages of development and unfortunately, I cannot give you a release date yet. However, I'm constantly developing the story in my head and I'm exploring the look and feel of the world whenever I get the chance. Below, you can see some of the visual development I have done so far, including characters, locations and story moments.