Welcome to This Peculiar Place That Is My Blog

Today is Pentecost Monday and I think I just found the only empty spot in this crowded library. And now that I've sat down, HELLO! Welcome.

So, I'm writing now. But to be honest, the idea of having a blog always seemed tiresome and daunting to me. However, I do love tweeting out random thoughts! So here's what I'm thinking: My posts will be short and concise. I'll be sharing ideas, experiences and opinions that revolve around art and business – in bite-sized portions.

Once I made the decision to start this thing, it made me realise that I had all these thoughts bottled up inside of me and I'm glad I finally have a way to let them out in a productive way. Everything that I've learnt throughout my art career – all those little pieces of advice – well, they have a place to live now. All that that is happening AROUND my art and that I cannot express THROUGH it, goes here. I'm so ready to channel my inner Yoda.