Re-evaluating Priorities in Business and Life

In case you're wondering what led me to start this blog, it was a simple exercise. I thought of it after tracking my work hours and projects for a week (that stuff surely makes you question the way you're spending your time!). I looked at my breakdown and thought “What if I can cut the things I don't like? What if I can add more things that I DO like?” So I made two lists:

What I enjoy and/or what I'm good at:

  • Digital Illustrations
  • Sharing on Twitter & Patreon
  • Plannung, breaking big projects into smaller chunks, organising, systemizing
  • Analysing my own thought process
  • Giving quick advice & tips, relating to artists' struggles
  • Encouraging & motivating people to get their shit together


What I hate and/or what I suck at:

  • Emails
  • Editing videos, recording my paintings & painting in front of people
  • Writing long articles
  • Packaging orders
  • Making art JUST to sell it
  • File prep
  • Copywriting
  • Product photography

In hindsight, this might be the best thing I have done in a long time, because it was so enlightening and gave me whole new sense of direction. As a result, I decided to ditch the YouTube videos immediately (sorry, if you were hoping for more of those) and also the art for the purpose of selling. Eventually, I'm hoping to outsource emails and all that other stuff (but that'a a different story). And on the positive side, I came up with this blog as a platform for sharing advice and motivating others!

So, if you're stuck and don't know where you're going, I'd recommend you make your own list and see what comes out of it!