Photo by Anton Skrobanek

Photo by Anton Skrobanek


About the Artist

I'm Djamila, an independent illustrator and fine artist. I work and live in Leipzig, Germany, surrounded by beautiful old buildings and greenery. My art mainly features character portraits and tarot cards, but I've been finding myself increasingly interested in detailed background illustrations as well.

Generally, everything that has plants in it gets me excited. And if I had to put my art style into words, I'd say that I enjoy surreal and dreamlike imagery with a fragile and delicate quality to it. My primary goal is to evoke a sense of wonder in the viewer and my art is heavily influenced by both nature and Japanese animation. I mainly work digitally, but also have an ongoing series of small traditional drawings. My work has been published by Dragonsteel Entertainment and in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, among others.

When I'm not drawing or painting, I enjoy eating out, reading genre fiction, bouldering, travelling, and binge-watching tv shows online.


Currently, I'm not looking for freelance work.

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