Photo by Anton Skrobanek

Photo by Anton Skrobanek


About the Artist

I create illustrations that evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

I believe that art is a unique accumulation of experiences, beliefs and aesthetics. That's why, when you look at my work, you might catch a glimpse of the summers I spent strolling through the woods and fields around my grandparents' garden, and you might also see my love for Japanese animation.

I'm on a mission to capture the imaginary scenes I've dreamt up since I was a kid, now that I have the necessary skills and resources to do so. If you want to be transported into a world where fantasy and reality blend into one another and that feels strange, yet familiar, you might enjoy my work. The world I'm painting is the counterpart to our modern, hectic society: a place of quiet contemplation, where nature prevails over concrete.

Originally, I set out to be a freelance illustrator for gaming companies and publishers. I made it into Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and the anniversary edition of one of my favourite books: Mistborn, published by Dragonsteel Entertainment. But after freelancing for about a year, I had to realise that I was missing that personal connection to my work. I couldn't see myself in it. So I left.

I've been working as an independent artist since 2017. I live in Leipzig, Germany, surrounded by beautiful old buildings and greenery. I create the art that I love, make prints and merchandise and actively build my community on social media and Patreon. I'm passionate about sharing my experiences and advice with other artists through my blog. I want to encourage them to not give up and to find their own artistic path.

Art is my first love, but when I'm not drawing or painting, I enjoy karaoke, eating out, reading, bouldering, travelling, and binge-watching tv shows.



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